West Point Beef & Cattle/DeWitt Ranch

Location: Glencoe, Oklahoma

Contact Phone: (580) 669-2534

About Us:
Family Owned, Family Raised
The DeWitt Family Ranch was established in 1897 in an area then known as West Point, by Henry DeWitt. In 1899, the town of Glencoe was founded and the ranch was officially located in Glencoe, OK. However, the road West Point is still there today and runs through the heart of DeWitt owned land and where all the beef for West Point Beef and Cattle is raised and finished. Cattle has always been a primary product of DeWitt Ranch but once crops such as cotton & wheat were also a farm commodity. However, DeWitt Ranch no longer harvests crops and has converted most dirt to Bermuda grass in order to raise the highest quality of beef. West Point Beef consists of 3 DeWitt families, who now all raise cattle in Glencoe, OK with over 2,000 combined acres devoted to beef production. All West Point Beef is raised responsibly and humanely.



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