Hagen Farms

Location: Heflin, AL

Contact Phone: 404-386-9918

About Us:
Since 2008 Hagen Farms has focused on breeding Angus Cattle that are top producers in our southeastern environment. We require our cows to wean calves no less than 45% of their body weight at weaning, average 207 days. Our weaning bull average in 2023 was 52.2% of their dam's body weight. We utilize a 63 day breed cycle and and any cow not breed in that timeframe are sold. We believe that performance starts with cows that are proven. Our bull buyers sell pounds and it all about weaning the heaviest calf possible. Though Genetics and Management we sell Quality Angus Cattle.

Products & Services Market

Registered Black Angus Bulls. 18+ months, Performance Data, BSE Tested, DNA Tested, & Vaccinated. Quality Angus Breeding Since 2008. Call for Details, Information & Pricing. Free Delivery in Alabama & Georgia.