580 BEEF

Location: Covington, OKLAHOMA

Contact Phone: 580-977-8668

About Us:
At 580BEEF, we keep it local: our cattle, our families and our business. It's all here in Northwest Oklahoma. Our founders, Ryan Staerkel and Brian Grantz, met at Oklahoma State University as young Animal Science majors. The two went their separate career paths in the industry after graduating. Ryan started a veterinary practice in Enid, OK, while continuing his family's farming operation. Meanwhile, Brian began a cattle herd in Covington, OK, and established a custom hay business.

Out of common interests and friendship, we formed the partnership for 580BEEF. Our local ranching families, along with their expertise and all-in approach to raising cattle, means we can provide farm-fresh, all-natural and dry-aged beef directly to our customers.

Quality beef is more than a lofty goal for us. It's a must. It's why we participate in an independently verified natural beef program. That means our cattle are certified natural and raised without antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products.

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